Beach Foodie: The energy of Power and the “plate”

IMG_20141121_131530381Magical Monday to you and Happy Thanksgiving! In my photo this week, I share a photo of my first “power plate” class experience. It’s a type of acceleration training really great for giving your body a great workout in much less time, burning additional caloires, reducing body fat, and for rehabilitation. It’s a workout machine that vibrates as you workout on it or around it. My class was 30 minutes and my machine was set on the lowest vibrational levels.
Wow! This was a fun experience and I did enjoy the impact the machine had on my body. We did some squats, planks, etc on the machine while it was vibrating. The next morning my body did feel great.
On Saturday, I tried a boxing class at a new cycle studio in Santa Monica and had a great workout and a great time. I was the only g girl in the class and I had a good time throwing a few punches and learning the correct form in a punch.
As I had the opportunity to try these new forms of exercise for me, I felt wonderful with the energy of moving my body in new ways and the em POWER ment that comes with movement and exercise, how it increases my energy in such a positive way. I also loved the energy of diversity and trying a couple of new types of exercise to “mix it up” a little bit.
And, with this week being thansksgiving, I am grateful for all of you and I hope you enjoy your “plate” of food; wholesome “whole” foods that nourish your body and your spirit.IMG_20141111_124354882
And, this is the picture of the “street tacos” for your enjoyment.
This week I invite you to enjoy your “plate” on Thanksgiving and to consider some new energetic experiences, whether they be new forms of movement, new people, new places, or just enjoying Thanksgiving in some new energetic way.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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