Beach Foodie: The energy of challenge

IMG_20141027_092803Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, you see a picture of a beautiful rose on the beach. I am sharing this picture again because I couldn’t get the photos I wanted to share to load correctly. So, this blog starts off with a challenge this week.
The challenge I wanted to share with you is my “2014 Thanksgiving Street Taco Challenge”. I got the idea last week when someone shared a beautiful story about buying lunch for some veterans on a flight to show appreciation and gratitude to them. And, I got inspired and decided to buy some “street tacos” from Whole Foods on Tuesday and share them with someone to brighten their day. The tacos are $1 each and very healthy with a vegetarian choice if desired. I gave the tacos to a man who stands outside whole foods every day with a sign asking for help. When I gave him the tacos, he gave me the biggest smile. It really made my day. Also, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t taking my lunch and I assured him he wasn’t.
And, I must admit this small challenge did as much for me as it did for him. I smiled too and felt the energy of joy, gratitude, compassion, and happiness to share a moment of positive energy with him. Part of the gift of the tacos was the 15 minute line in Whole Foods to get the tacos. It just made me feel even better.
As we approach Thanksgiving, I invite you to create your own challenge of gratitude. Even smiles and the smallest kindness can create a beautiful moment for you and the lucky person who receives your kindless.
So, this week you will not see the picture of the two tacos and the line in whole foods, but I give you a rose instead to celebrate the beauty of the world.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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