Beach Foodie: Spooktacular Energy

image-16image-17IMG_20141030_200245879IMG_20141031_194759081-1Magical Monday to you and Happy November! In my photos this week, I share my experiences from my “spooktacular” halloween energy experiences. On Thursday, I had my face painted went to the LA Haunted Hayride. It was so fun! It was held at the old zoo in a beautiful natural setting. It was just “scary” enough to be fun and I had the joy of seeing my pilates instructor perform as a half Bird/half human. I rode the “scary” go round on the horse you see. It went backwards which was pretty fun. On Friday, I went to the “Monster Ball” in Venice dressed as a “lingerkini” model. The last photo is of me in costume.
And top it off, I attended a bonfire Saturday night.
These were all spectacular experiences because I was receiving positive energy, meeting new people, enjoying nature in a positive fantasy filled environment, and having a wonderful time trying out a new costume; all magical miscellaneous experiences that increased the positive flow of energy to me and in turn I radiated this energy to the people I met.
Sunday was a wonderful time to enjoy an extra hour of rest. As I enter this week, I feel the joy in my heart from this weekend, tapping into the wonder and magic of fantasy and childlike wonder.
This week I invite you to tap into the energy of fantasy and childlike wonder and experiences in your own beautiful life. To sometimes be childlike is to recapture our divine innocence and beauty.
Great Joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla h


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