Beach Foodie: Everything coming up Roses

IMG_20141027_092803Magical Monday to you! In my first photo this week, I share a rose I came across this morning on my beach run. It was planted right at the water line and was mystical, beautiful, and magical, I was compelled to stop and take the photo to share this beautiful energy with you.
Truly this was a week where everything seemed to be coming up roses; fun experiences, new beginnings….On the new moon, I was part of a feature film in downtown LA. It’s a spiritual film which I was delighted to discover. The photo of me is on location in “costume” and the second photo is the director reviewing a scene in the camera. It was a very fun time; there is alot of postive energy moving into downtown LA and it was fun to connect with many creative people.
The day before I was fitted for a “custom” pattern for an evening gown to model at red carpet and charity events. I was wrapped in a very thin fabric, then wrapped in duct tape to get an exact pattern. The designer removed the “pattern” by cutting it down the side. It then goes downtown where it will be “computerized” for my own custom pattern.
It feels to me that there is alot of creative fun energy in this new moon and now that mercury is direct, the energy of new possibilities in in the air.
So, this week, I invite you to connect to the energy of new possibilities in your life, tap into the creative energy that is available to you. And, may this week be “coming up roses” for you.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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