Beach Foodie: The energy of the rebound

image-7image-6Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week, I show my newest purchase, a rebounder. In the first photo, I bought an unassembled rebounder which I am holding in the selfie. This item promptly went back to the store after I discovered “assembly” bey ond my capability was required:) In the next photo, I show the second “rebounder” which was assembled when I purchased it. It fits snugly into one of the only open places in my cozy little place.
And, rebounding is so easy, a great cardio workout, and very good for your lympathic system. I read about it in David Wolfe’s latest book and decided to add it to my fitness routine. I put on the dance music and jump away.
And this brings me to the energy of “rebounding”, or coming back time and time again. Our energetic flow and our life journey is a series of “rebounds”, regroupings, and constant reaction to the moving energy of our environment. Especially this week, so many amazing thoughts and have experiences have came to me, I have had ample time to “rebound” again and again. “Tweeking” what serves me, releasing what doesn’t serve me, and reconsidering and revisiting some energetic experiences.
Yesterday, I was in my second music video this month, and got to be an angel. It’s been so amazing and this opportunity just came to me straight from the universe. It’s a topsy turvy energy now and we can “rebound” as much as we need to for our best love energy to shine from us.
This week I invite you to “rebound” when you need to and enjoy this fabulous ride on planet earth.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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