Beach Foodie: Taking Stalk

IMG_20140919_145833155Magical Monday to you and Happy New Moon on Wednesday! In my photo this week, I share one of my favorite snacks with a new twist. This is raw chocolate on a celery stalk with a few raw almond butter “ants” on top for a delicious snack. Crunchy, smooth, delightful, and very easy! Which brings me to my topic this week of taking “stalk” of the energy of the moment, what is coming into your life, what is exiting your life, what appears to be working for you to live your best life.
In this past week, I’ve had a new opportunity to write another book, the energy of taking a new look at how to best pursue an acting and modeling career, and coping with physical challenges of a bruised foot, all in the same week.
And, this wirlwind of energies comes to all of us at one time or another as we journey through our energetic path to our best self. A little periodic view of our journey can give us great persepective on where we have been, where we are now, and where we want to go.
I’ve spent some time this week resting, meditating a little more, and taking “stalk” of the energy of this moment in time and what will bring the most joy, peace, prosperity, and “love” energy to me.
So this week, I invite you to take “stalk” of the energy of in your life now; the new opportunities, the things that seem to be releasing in your life, and your deepest dreams and desires, and how to make them come true.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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