Beach Foodie: The energy of ease and grace

IMG_20140912_083708895_HDRMagical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share a view of my paddleboard inside my Honda fit as I ventured back to the ocean for another round of paddleboarding. The energy behind my paddle this week was all ease and grace. I found a replacement hat on sale perfect for wearing on the ocean, inexpensive cool sunglasses to replace the lost ones, and a great bargain on a cute skirt I had wanted but seemed a little too expensive. So, the flow of everything in place to have a fun paddle just materialized. I went to another location, entered the ocean with great ease, paddled along time, and then made an uneventful entry back to the shore. And, amazingly realized my summer was not really over as LA weather on the oceanfront has been fabulous and the waves realatively “gentle” this past week.
So, I have been enjoying this energy of ease and grace that allowed everything to come together so easily for what had been such a struggle the week before.
I realized that a grateful and open heart to the flow of ease and grace energy comes to us at the most amazing times if we stay open to the flow of life and possibility. Once I joyfully realized I might have more paddling available to me, the experience just flowed.
So, this week, I invite you to stay open to ease and grace, joy and fun in your life. Even if you struggled the week before, day before, or hour before, that struggle can just be swept away and replaced by ease and grace at any moment.
Great joy to you and wishing you moments of ease and grace this week!
Love, love, love!



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