Beach Foodie: The Energy of Welcoming

IMG_20140905_071853286Magical Monday to you and Happy Full Moon! In my photo this week, I share a welcoming gift given to me this week; a real Dodgers shirt. My first welcoming gift to LA and how exciting! And this leads me into this week’s topic; the energy of welcoming, whether it’s a gift, an activity, or one of the many networking events such as mixers, back to school events, fall festivals. When we feel welcomed, we connect with the oneness of the other person in that moment, sharing possibilities, dreams, and desires to enrich each other’s energies and lives. This special shirt is a tangible reminder to me of a friendly neighbor who cared enough to share a part of themselves with me and their positive LA experience. A smile and a friendly hello can be so welcoming. Simple yet timeless gestures do matter and when we extend them to others, this energy of happiness and giving stays with us and keeps us in that “happy” energy flow.
To receive a gift in a spirit of happiness and appreciation is also very valuable. This shirt signifies a possibly new and wonderful friendship that appeared “out of the sky” or “out of the universe” this week.
So this week, I invite you to extend the energy of a welcome to your universe in the way that feels natural to you and to also stay open to the welcomes you will receive back.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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