Beach Foodie: The beauty of not getting what you want

2014090195132215Magical Monday to you and Happy Labor Day! In my photo this week, I share of photo of myself today at a mansion pool party I attended. And, in the midst of a wonderful week of pool parties and end of summer love energy experiences, I also experienced “not getting what I want”. And yes, it was beautiful because I received so much more than what I imagined. I wanted to paddleboard on the ocean every day last week. The surf was up in Malibu at every location. The first day I did manage to get out and paddle after watching the waves over an hour. So, I got to experience patience. I was so tired after paddling and wondering how I was going to get my board up the hill..when out of nowhere a friendly lad came up to me and offered to help me carry my board up the hill and to show me an easier path than the one I choose. This was a fabulous energetic connection. The next day I got a parking ticket and didn’t get to paddle at all; the surf was just too high. However, I stayed positive and was grateful for the one time I did get to paddle. On Saturday morning, it seemed calmer so I headed out again. This time I got rolled by the waves trying to get out, seaweed in my hair,lost my sunglasses. Out of nowhere, a young girl named Shelby appeared and offered to help me get through the surf and gave me some tips. I had a great paddle and on my exit to the beach, I got rolled again, this time losing my hat and headband. And once again, Shelby came over and offered to carry my board to my car. I had people watch my bag for me and over all had some fabulous love energy connections with friendly and gracious people on the beach. So, even though I didn’t get to paddle every day as I originally intended, I did get to go twice and I got help and encouragement from people who connected with me and went out of their way to help me with a friendly smile.
So, this week I invite you to notice and have awareness of the “Shelby’s” who come across your path in our fabulous journey in life and to enjoy the energy of kind hearted people who will cross your path and reach out to you.
Great joy to all of you!
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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