Beach Foodie: Vortex disneyland

IMG_20140820_105202525IMG_20140817_073841794Magical Monday to you and Happy New Moon! In my first photo this week, I share the view from the base of Mt Shasta in Northern Cali. I made a trip to visit the vortex, drink the pure water and bask in the energy and beauty of this area. I took a tour of the vortex areas, experienced some guided meditations, and the natural beauty of the mountain. And, feeling invigorated and rejuvenated after this visit, I imagine how wonderful it would be if everyone could visit a beautiful vortex, a trip to an “energetic” disneyland. And, in the second photo I share some of the best of Malibu energy, sunglasses for ocean paddles and a headband for running and hot yoga.
These magical miscellaneous experiences both bring rejuvenating fun energy into my life; although different they both feel like an energetic trip to disneyland. Entering another world briefly to have fun and capture the love energy of the experience for ourselves is our opportunity to create our own Disneyland type experiences.
We can create a little bit of the energetic Disneyland experience by embracing the fun and magic of late summer in whatever way is accessible to you and brings you the happiness and joy we associate with Disneyland and all amusement parks. And, we can create our own vortex of love, joy, and fun by mindfully seeking out and creating joy in our lives.
So in this final week of summer, I invite you to create your vortex disneyland experience in a way that brings you the sheer joy and fun!
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!



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