IMG_20140809_213800319-1Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share a picture of me at the Great Gatsby Party at the Park Plaza Hotel in LA. What a wonderful magical time. Everyone (except me) was dressed in roaring 20s outfits to celebrate the Great Gatsby era. The music was from the 1920s, in fact I felt like I was transported in time to that era. And what magical energy!. The dancing, the festiveness of the costumes had everyone in a fun and happy mood. This was a magical miscellaneous experience that greatly elevated my love energy and sense of fun about the journey of life. And, as I sit here, I am listening to 1940s era music played constantly by the restaurant where I live. Yet, both of these eras, in fact, all periods of time, offer us a unique and wonderful way to appreciate the timelessness of our lives. And this day, this present time in our life, is a magical era with it’s own magical energy of the energy of the planet at this time. Joy and love, fun and celebration are all around us, and wonderful people to enjoy it with. We can seek and allow the higher energy moments in life to flow to us by simply focusing with intent on including these experiences in our life now, in this beautiful timeless era called “2014”. This week I invite you to tap into the timeless energy of the best that 2014 has to offer, and if you have the chance, go to a party to celebrate some of the other great eras. Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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