Beach Foodie: Open pathways

IMG_20140707_152350_634Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share my first pilates reformer experience with you. It was absolutely wonderful and challenging at the same time. In a week filled with fun and adventure and first time experiences, this was my peak energetic experience. It opened some new pathways to my body which in turn allowed me access to some blocked old energy that I am beginning to release. For me, opening joints and activating small internal muscles that I didn’t know existed, have allowed me to feel empowered on an emotional level also. The energy of the full moon also helps us to release old patterns and open new pathways to life.
I also had a fabulous dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant called “Crustacean”. Two things were so magical about this place; it has a glass walkway with fish swimming below you as you walk through the restaurant and a fabulous “latern” chandalier; it’s just enormous and so magical. The food was also fabulous! The dinner was a last minute invitation and I decided to go with openness and go to the restaurant..
Saturday I attended a “full moon” dance party in West Hollywood and celebrated several birthdays with new friends from all over California.
As I share these magical miscellaneous experiences, a common thread of “open” pathways is emerging. By staying open to new pathways and being willling to release experiences that no longer serve me, I feel as if I’m opening an even bigger pathway to even greater feellings of love, joy, beauty, and peace.
This week I invite you be “open” to new pathways in your life. Some of them like the pilates class may be a big challenge; however, the challenges sometimes take us to new levels of joy…And I invite you to some magical miscellaneous experiences to come into your universe and you say “yes” to them.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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