Beach Foodie: Asian Delights

IMG_20140706_164857_204IMG_20140706_184122_402Magical Monday to you! I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July celebration! In the photos this week, I am sharing a couple of my favorite foods, asian noodles and Kimchee. I have started shopping at an Asian market in Los Angeles and these are two new foods I eat once in awhile that are delightful! The noodles are very few calories, vegan, and will absorb the flavor of whatever spice you use. I have been adding a small amount of kimshee to the noodles with a little bit of raw ginger. A wonderful treat!
Its been such a magical experience to shop in an Asian market. I cant read several of the labels but it’s part of the mystery and fun.
In my quest to explore other cultures, I have found the first delightful way is the magic and energy of the food. It brings a new positive energy and excitement to add these new foods to my diet and I feel connected to the energy of Asia and a more global energy when I eat some of the foods.
I continue to eat the in season fruits grown in northern California, an absolute delight.
I invite you this week to try a few foods from other cultures, enjoy the in season fruits and veggies in your environment, and breathe the energy and magic of the summer season.
Full moon is on July 12th. I will be celebrating at a full moon dance and party in West Hollywood.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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