Beach Foodie: Ride the love wave!

IMG_20140621_131153_299IMG_20140621_080727_887IMG_20140626_192853_458~2IMG_20140630_112714_432Magical Monday to you! Surf is up in Santa Monica and Malibu. And with the energy of the wave, the energy is picking up this week as Mercury turns direct. Woo Woo! The magic continues this week. In my photos, I share some lucious fruits of summer with raw chocolate; my own creations:) I’m throwing in a few chop sticks. I’ve started eating with them because I’m exploring some new foods at an Asian market. I’ve discovered eating with chop sticks keeps me mindful and present while eating my meals and I actually enjoy my food even more:)
And finally, I share a photo from a wine tasting pool party at the Luxe hotel in Bel Air. It was a 1960s theme with fashions and music from that era. As always, plently of interesting people attended.
The flow of love is continually around us, nourishing us, providing us with love energy. When we allow and let go, all sorts of magic comes to us. I find when I hang onto anything it restricts the possibilities of what could be…my best and greatest love energy connecting with the best and greatest love energy of the universe and everyone crossing my path.
So, happy fourth of July this week. I wish you all a joyous holiday with a massive wave of love, fun, and magic!
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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