Beach Foodie: Summer Time Magic

IMG_20140622_095241_087~2IMG_20140622_100231_988Magical Monday to you! I hope you enjoy the Summer Stolstice yesterday. In my photo this week, I share some summer time magic with you from the pool deck of the “W” hotel in West Hollywood. In a fun partnership with my hot yoga studio, they are sponsoring a summer “yoga” on the pool deck every Sunday followed by a complimentary cocktail. So, I decded to give this experience a try and the energy was magical. We had a great power yoga class by the pool, I made some new friends and I did have a coconut vodka and coconut water drink minus the pineapple juice. I met a professor from Munich and his friends and we had a fun discussion about Munich and about sight seeing in LA.
This was one of those “magical” miscellaneous experiences that infused great positive energy into me and all because I stayed open to the possibilities of the event and the new people I met. For me, staying open in a fun loving spirit of anticipation and gratitude can lead to some fabulous new pathways in energy and life, if we allow it.
And, Sunday night I was back at the W for Sunday night jazz. It was a fabulous magical experience with many people in the entertainment business and really great music.
Life is full of magical surprises if we just keep looking for them. I send you feelings of love and happiness from my magical miscellaneous happenings at the W.:)
This week I hope the magic of the summer time brings you your own “W” experience, a new and exciting energetic experience coming into your life. I hope you also remain open to the magic surrounding you.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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