Beach Foodie: The Magic Temple

IMG_20140613_193237_192~2~2 Magical Monday to you! This weeks photo captures the temple for the arts at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. A special concert was held last Friday for Dutch Resistance hero Curt Lowens. It was a magical event combining art, music, and acknowledging the heroic actions of one man who saved the lives of many children.
There are many magial moments and heros in our lives and world including ourselves. Everytime you choose to keep your love energy flowing you are a hero to everyone whose lives you touch that day. Curt Lowens was a teenager when he made the decision to do something positive at a time when he was surrounded by negativity. He let his light shine.
And so we can let our light’s shine every day. And, when we make healthy choices in our foods, get out and exercise, meditate, take time for magical experiences, we increase our love energy and the energy of the planet.
And, there was a wonderful reception where I enjoyed some fabulous green olives and nice red wine and met so many fun people.
I was going to attend a fashion show but something led me toward this path and a magnificient experience.
This week I hope you connect with your magic temple and let your own unique light shine. Each of you makes a huge difference on the planet and you are a hero.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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