Beach Foodie: Inspiration of the stars

IMG_20140605_184347_276~2IMG_20140605_190437_153~2 Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week, I share the arrival of the stars for Jane Fonda’s life time achievement award presented last Thursday at the Dolby theatre. And you are seeing cell phone pics of Jane and Peter Fonda. I was selected to be part of the audience for the red carpet arrivals of the stars before the award. It was one of those magical miscellaneous energetic experienes to be so close to the stars as they entered the Dolby theatre. And, very inspiring energetically. I learned from watching the stars how to build positive energy as they arrived at an event and how to have fun. Michael Douglas, Sally Field, and many other stars came down the red carpet and each one had their own unique energy and way of presenting their best self.
And there was a huge crowd outside the Dolby theatre and across the street to witness the event.
I watched the couples work together, combining their energy with such great timing so everyone got to be noticed by the press.
And, I learned by watching how to walk the red carpet.
Yes, we walk our own red carpet every day and we are in the process every day of creating our lifetime achievement award for excellence in the journey of life. Each moment we have brings our best energy to the universe to be an inspriation to ourselves and to others.
So this week I invite you to walk your “red carpet” with positive energy and let the magic roll and flow in your life of inspriation.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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