Beach Foodie: The magic of connection

IMG_20140526_135253_133~2Magical Monday to you from Marina del Ray where I am getting ready to board the “Entertainer” Yacht and enjoy a couple of hours on the beautiful Pacific ocean. I hope you are enjoying this day of devoted to gratitude and appreciation of those who paved the way for us and gave us their energy and love. I feel it is a day to connect with loving energy for what has been done for us, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future. A day to admire the legacy’s left by so many. There is a powerful uplifting energy in acknowledging our connectedness and honoring our relationships with those who have made us what we are today. I invite you this week to consider your legacy, what you are connected to, and where you are focusing your energy. The new moon is this week so it’s a perfect time to reflect upon how you can live at the highest energetic level possible and at the same time have meaningful connections in your life. I invite you to “jump into the positive energy in your life, really enjoy it, expand it, and share it.
I wish you a wonderful final week in May, filled with love, appreciation, gratitude, peace, and joy….especially joy for yourself.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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