Beach Foodie: Color my world

IMG_20140514_123919_147~2 Magical Monday to you! In the photos this week, I share my “magical” miscellaneous experience of being a “hair model” last week. The event was a special “coloring” class for blondes only. In the first photo, you see me at the salon before the “coloring” experience. What a magical energetic experience. I had a team of three stylists from San Francisco “coloring” my hair. The workshop used the latest technology so they simply painted the color on my hair. IMG_20140514_142039_624No foils were needed or heat. After the painting was done, my hair was allowed to process naturally, then several color “glazes” were added to my hair to condition it and seal in the color, kind of like glazing the color for a clay pot:) Finally, you can see the results in a photo taken the next morning.IMG_20140515_074647_382
So, in reflecting upon this fun experience, it reminded me in a very visual way of how important color can be to add beauty, grace, and energy to our lives. It can give us a “lift” or help us release emotion for events and energy that no longer serves us. Even if you do not highlight your hair, it is possible to buy a few new items of clothing, a new plant, create a piece of art work, paint, or any other sort of magical experience that brings you into contact with color. It’s fun to play and experiment with bringing in happy, joyful energy through color.
So, this week, I invite you to color your world! Bring in the beauty and fun to enhance your energy, keep it flowing and moving.
Great joy to you! Breathe in the magic! Love, love, love!


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