Beach Foodie: Your majesty and a rose!

IMG_20140507_225406_153 Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share the beauty of your majesty, a gorgeous tree outside the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. This beautiful feminine tree greets you as you pull up to the entrance of the hotel. I was simply captivated by the positive loving energy this tree released, just by being there, being present. It caused me to pause, snap a picture to share with you. Sometimes in life our greatest strength is simply our being, our loving positive energy in a world filled with action. This tree is beautiful and she is always present, connected to you to share the special moments in your life. I invite you this week to share your fabulous energy of just “being” your loving authentic self for a few moments. Let the beauty in you flow into the energy of life.
IMG_20140512_072456_241~2 And my second photo is sharing my roses and some of my favorite bouquet foods. These are some of my favorite living, healthy, foods and a gift to myself. I enjoyed the color of the roses,
The beauty of the various colors of the roses bring me the energy of beauty and a variety of energy.
This week I invite you to explore the beauty of a variety of colors in your environment; play wth them to enhance your energy. Maybe some colors will bring you creativity, some love, some sensual experiences, some spiritual, they are all part of the vastness of sensory experience open to all of us.
Great joy to you this week! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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