Beach Foodie: Magical Surf

IMG_20140503_081720_929 Magical Monday to you! This week I share a scene from my early Saturday morning “magical miscellaneous” experience. This is the view of Sunset Beach early in the morning with all the surfers floating and surfing the ocean like tiny specs in the vast ocean. My experience was to paddle the gorgeous ocean early in the morning and share the magic with so many other surfers and paddleboarders.
This photo reminds me of the vastness of energy and experience available to us when we connect with it. And, a sense of “oneness” with all the surfers and boarders enjoying the energy of the ocean with me. When I paddle on the ocean, I feel the direct energy of the ocean as well as the others surfers. Part of the magic was experiencing the sense of fun and wonder of the others who were with me.
It is also so liberating to move and exercise early in the morning and share that with others. When I finished paddling, moving in mind, body, and spirit, I carried that infusion of energy with me the rest of the day. Every time I thought about all the little human “ants” floating on the water, I would smile and feel a surge of happy energy again.
This week I invite you to experience nature with others early in morning; to feel the joy of movement and magic when you find your own special spot in nature whether it’s an ocean, mountains, a park, or trail. To tap into that vast energy provided to us by nature.
Great joy to you this first week of May! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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