Beach Foodie: Magic Inflatable Ride

IMG_20140412_142840_024IMG_2109686420762IMG_2153325151109IMG_2140740502859 Magical Monday to You! In my photos this week, I bring you a “magical miscellaneous” experience of a magic ride on a huge inflatable stand up paddle board. I choose to participate in a race supporting the Los Angeles Waterkeeper Organization and to enjoy a fun race on Paradise Cove in Malibu Ca. I had signed up for the 1 mile fun race as a wonderful way to support a worthy cause, connect my energy with others who love the water, and enjoy Paradise Cove. As I met people before the race, I volunteered to establish a team to ride the large inflatable board in the one mile race. At the last minute, the team formed. At first we were just going to demo the board, then we decided to race it the entire mile. It was amazing to be on that large inflatable going really fast for over a mile in the pacific ocean. No one fell off and we had great teamwork. We finished in around 20 minutes paddling constantly. At the end you see the shots of us coming in and taking a wave. It was a great fun and a fabulous magical energetic experience. To be able to share one of my greatest passions with a team of nine others, all paddling our massive inflatable brought so much joy to my heart. And a whale joined in the fun and followed some of the racers!
And it happened because I allowed myself to expand into something new; find like minded people who dared to race something new, and give up my experience of paddling my own board in the race. I made new friends, new connections, and I got to ride that big wave in with 9 other people
So this week, I encourage you to embrace a new magical miscellaneous experience yourself. Give up something of your familiar energetic experiences andd try something new.
And, I hope you enjoy and take advantage of the full moon and eclipse as a time to let go of what is not working for you, clarifying and embracing your dreams, and tapping into new energies on the planet that support your soul in living a high life force energy life style in joy and bliss.
Great Joy to you! Love, love, love!! Cfayla


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