Beach Foodie: Light Beam

IMG_20131117_163814_485 Magical Monday to you! In the photo this week, I captured a beautiful light beam over the pier and I’m sending it to you:) I invite you this week to be the light beam’s you seek. This morning I had a magical, misty run on the ocean with dolphins playing and a gorgeous low tide beach. The happiness that came to my heart inspired me to send you some light for your week. I invite you to consider all the sources of light beams in our lives this week. A smile and feelings of gratitude are two of the biggest light beams inn my life. What makes your heart radiate joy so that it spills out to everyone around you?
What is so wonderful about this energetic playfulness is the way the joyful light beam energy comes back to you. We never lose the joy we share with others, it always finds it way back to us in the most whimsical, enchanting ways. And, light beam energy starts with nurturing ourselves also. Sometimes we need an easy day of rest, contemplation, and misty oceans to nurture our souls. Good food is also one of these cornerstones. The simple joys of raw honey, unrefined cocoanut oil, raw cacao, a few organic veggies bring light to us also through blissful eating.
So, this week, I encourage you to explore your light beams, your energetic playfulness, and take a few moments for ease, contempation, and your own “misty ocean” to explore your dreams and nurture your soul.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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