Beach Foodie:Fashion, Flowers, and Fusion

IMG_20140314_204631_722~2 Magical Monday to you! This week truly has been one of magical energy. In my first photo, I capture the energy and fun of LA fashion week. The view was from the balcony overlooking the energy of the crowd. Fashion brings the elements of beauty and creativity to our lives, and elements of surprise also. It was a fun evening meeting new people, enjoying the energy. IMG_20140315_191020_989 In the next photo, I share a beautiful garden scene from a mansion in Beverly Hills where we were shooting a “glitzy” party scene. The flowers were beautiful and the lighting was truly magical.
And, a surprise happened this morning as I was getting ready for a shoot; we had an earthquake in Los Angeles. It did surprise me a little bit and there was some “fusion” in my little bachelor place as things were shaken up a bit:)
I invite you to consider the energy that flows through your life and the fusion of the energy. In my week, I experienced beauty, nature, the unexpected occurrence and the fusion of the energy of those experiences enriches me; challenges me, makes me grateful for the journey of my life. As you experiences the “magical miscellaneous” in your life, my hope is that you will feel a fusion of all the positive energy in your life from all sources; that this energy may elevate you and take you to new levels of joy and bliss in your life.
Great Joy to you on St. Patricks’s day. Love, love, love!


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