Beach Foodie: Romance and the Marathon of life


Magical Monday to you! This week I am exploring romance and marathons. On last Friday, I had an audition in Hollywood, then a follow on date. The photo was taken at the restaurant in Hollywood after my audition. It’s a REAL fire and the entire place had massive chandaliers, it had been an opera house at one time. Romance is one of the most positive energies we can bring into our life and places of beauty help ignite those feelings and inspire us. So, this week I invite you to connect with romantic energy in your life. IMG_20140309_102522_476IMG_20140309_115213_281IMG_20140309_121106_045 The next photos are from the Los Angeles marathon showing a finisher at the 3 hour, 5 hour, and the band still playing at the 6th hour. And, marathons are inspiring and teach us so much about life. Life and energy is like a marathon; it’s a long journey, sometimes we finish near the top, sometimes at the back, and sometimes we have the band providing us music along the way. Our choice is to decide whether we will be in the marathon of our life; will we stay present in our journey and take in all the beautiful wonderful love energy just waiting to inspire us. We can sit on the side line of life or we can embrace our marathon and tap into the best life has to offer us.
So, this week, I invite you to bring in a little romance, enjoy your energetic marathon of life, and keeping looking for your magic.
Happy Full moon on the 16th!
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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