Beach Foodie: Magical Discoveries

IMG_20140302_143522_185 Magical Monday to you! This week I invite you to consider all the magical discoveries in your life just waiting for you to see them. In my photo this week, I share one of my magical discoveries made yesterday. I made the time to go on a walk in the canyon area of Pacific Palisades near my “beach flat”. I had been told about the “Santa Monica” stairs and how it was a wonderful place to meet active people at any time. So, I set out to see if I could find the stairs. I did have to ask; you could miss them if you didn’t know where to look; just like many things in life…There are two sets of stairs and, yes, people climb the stairs for exercise all times of the day every day, a “natural” California workout. The stairs are surrounded by beautiful vegetation and are quite lovely. And, straight up hill! It was really fun energy to finally see one of the natural wonders of Santa Monica within walking distance:) And, as an added energetic bonus, I came up the most intriguing library I have ever seen in my life.IMG_20140302_143649_363Yes, it is a library with real books inside, and a check out sheet. There wasn’t any staff on hand but I imagine so it evidently was managed by the universe. It was big enough for about one chair inside…
So, these two discoveries were part of my “magical miscellaneous” experiences for yesterday. And, yes, of course the Oscars were in full swing and I had a wonderful time at the after Oscar party at the “W”. A little contrast in life can bring wonderful energy to you.
This week I invite you to look for your discoveries; the magical places, moments, encounters in your life that will amaze you, bring a smile to your face, and keep your love energy flowing.
Great joy to you! Let the good times flow….Love, love, love! Cfayla


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