Beach Foodie: signs of wonder

IMG_20140224_111721_022Magical Monday to you! This week it is my delight to share a sign of wonder I eperienced on my beach run this morning. It was low tide, sunny, the water was beautiful. On the beginning of my run, I noticed two large signs right by the water that were new; as if appearing out of nowhere. As I passed by, the signs stated “please dont bother the seals, they are protected, etc.”. So, naturally, out of curiosity, I began to wonder where the seals were:) I look over on the shore where the sand was still wet and I noticed a sort of brown blob. I went a little closer to investigate and what did I discover? Yes, it was a seal. The first photograph shows the seal as I first saw it.. I wondered it if was alive and kept on running. When I turned around, I noticed a head sort of popping up.
IMG_20140224_111726_038~2 The real sign of wonder happened as I approached the seal to get a picture. I stayed back a little so I wouldn’t scare it, and what happened? Yes, the seal set straight up and looked me right in the eye. I captured it in this great picture. Then, it laid back down, and used it’s flippers to walk itself into the water.
This was so amazing and a wonderful reminder of the beauty and joy of nature and how life can suprise us in such unique ways.
I felt a connection with the seal at the moment it look at me; love energy can come from any source and sometimes it comes from animals.
So, this week I invite you to look for the signs of wonderment in your life. And, I have exciting news…I was in a commerical last night which will be shown during the Oscars…I’ll be in a “little black dress”.
Great joy to you! Mercury turns direct on the 26th so communications should be then. Love, love, love!


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