Beach Foodie: Fantasy

IMG_20140214_202631_406 Magical Monday to you and happy holiday! In my pic this week, I’ve captured an image of a Valentines Day launch party I attended on Sunset strip in West Hollywood. The table your looking at was decorated beautifully and contained beautiful sweet edibles to go along with the champagne and wine. The club was totally a fantasy in it’self, it looked like a tropical oasis inside with fireplaces. A very romantic magical setting. So, this week I share a bit of this magic with you and also share what I ate to stay healthy among such temptations. I had two chocolate covered strawberries, one glass of red wine, and one glass of brut champagne. The strawberries were fresh and delicous, and although the chocolate was not raw, it was a good quality dark chocolate. I enjoy red wine and believe it can be very beneficial for health. The brut champagne was a special treat and it has less sugar than most drinks. I invite you to consider that you can still make relatively healthy choices even among very tempting treats. Later on, we had dinner and I choose a light appetizer dish of a cold tomato soup with a few slices of avocado and a few pieces of large shrimp cocktail. I felt really good the entire evening and on Saturday.
It was a magical moment energetically; I met alot of new people, shared in the excitement of a new web series being launched; the topic was dating.
And the best thing? It was a free party. I was invited through a meetup group I joined in LA.:) I invite you to consider that it is possible to find events that are fun, fantastic, and free. I received such wonderful energy from attending this party.
So this week, I hope a magical moment comes to you; a fantasy and even better if it’s free.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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