Beach Foodie: the week of love and inversions

IMG_20140209_175146_087B0043P0062-1 Magical Monday to you! The photos this week are totally different yet share a connection; both are meant to share magical energetic moments with you in this week when we celebrate love. The first photo is sunset on the Pacific ocean at Santa Monica beach, captured last night on my beach run. It’s got some beautiful “love energy” colors for you and the strong positive flowing and invigorating energy of the Pacific ocean. I love being out in nature around sunset. Positive, love energy is at a high at this magical time of day. I invite you to connect with nature to enjoy some fabulous sunsets to bring you a sense of peace and bliss.
My second photo is from a whimsical test photo shoot in West Hollywood near Sunset Strip last Saturday. An unedited pic for you.Just having some fun getting to know a new photographer to see if we wanted to do a location shoot. And, it gives me a chance to invite you to consider doing some inversions as part of your “high life force living”. Inversions get the blood moving in different ways and are so fabulous for the flow of energy in your body. So, you see me doing a handstand in the shoot, just experiencing different shots in totally unexpected places.. It was one of those “magical miscellaneous” moment I invite you to incorporate in your life. Our shoot was totally whimsical, just meant to have some fun with the camera and get to know each other. I also wore a belt around my hips and a necklace hanging off the belt just for fun..
So this week, I encourage you to explore some magical miscellaneous moments yourself..step out of your normal pattern and try something new. And, to enjoy this week of love…
Great joy to you in this week of celebrating love..Love, love, love! Cfayla


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