Beach Foodie: Live your dream

IMG_20140105_090426_771Magical Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day! In my photo this week, I share a “selfie” of me living my dream, in my little bachelor unit in Santa Monica, wearing my tank and leggings, ready for paddleboarding, yoga, or running.. I invite you this week to celebrate and nurture your dream. Just like Martin Luther King had a dream, we all have dreams to live our best and most joyful life. And, be the hero in our own movie..
It’s time to let the magic roll and keep your dream in your heart. Each day I continue to focus on my dream and give thanks for those miracles each day which allow me to get one step closer.
And many times I realize, I do have so much of my dream; health, peace, happiness, joy, are all accessible to me every day when I take the time to go inward, meditate, exercise, and eat well. For the dream is as much about the journey as the destination.
Last Monday, I got a magical miscellaneous experience that is a part of my dream. I was in a PBS documentary film on wine tasting and played a “sexy wine taster” at a California winery. One of my dreams is to “act” and this was such a fun experience.
In the same week, I was in Las Vegas promoting my books and way of life to new business contacts, nurturing my dream of helping many people become just a little bit healthier and feel more love in their life. So, the dream can come in tiny magical pieces for you and over time you realize…hey, I’m really living my dream, one step at a time..
And, of course, I kept eating healthy..bringing food with me, hydrating, meditating, to sustain my joy.
May the universe take hold of your dream and breath it’s life force into your bliss. May the heros of yesterday and today insprie us all to keep pursuing our dreams.
Great joy to you my dreamers! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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