Beach Foodie: Joyful!

IMG_20131117_163814_485 Magical Monday to you! Great joy and love! This week I invite you to experience the joyful energy of this week and to give love and appreciation to “YOU”. In the photo this week, I share a magical beautiful view of the Pacific ocean.
In this wonderful week, I am amazed and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us and I invite you to seek out and surround yourself with joy, beauty, and love this week.
I had the opportunity to be in a music video shoot Saturday night on the winter stolstice. The song is called “starlight” by Don Diablo and the scene was a formal outdoor wedding. It was amazing with fun energy and new interesting people to meet.
And, i feel appreciation for being open to new magical experiences.
And, I had a healthy snack before leaving and brought one with me:) Sacha Inchi powder gives me such great energy. The powder is harvested from a star shaped fruit pod grown in the Amazon. So, I am grateful this week for the preservation of the amazon and this amazing superfood which is such an awesome snack food combined with a little raw almond butter. Yummy!
I flow my happiness and joy on a beam of light and love to each of you this week. May you have a glorious week, filled with fun experiences and magical memories!
Great Joy! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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