Beach Foodie: You are the ornament:)

IMG_20131214_201529_099 Magical Monday to you! In the photo this week, I share the holiday ornament I made Saturday at a holiday party at my yoga studio. It’s multidimensional, just like you and me:)
I invite you this week to join me in considering how you are an ornament yourself; by your quest for high life force living, eating healthy, and sending out love energy to others, you are an ornament to yourself and others. Your joy and positive qualities radiate and bring joy to others and your environment.
This season is filled with the beauty of gifts, ornaments, good food, fun times, and celebrations. And, I celebrate each of you for the magic in each one of you.
And, a few tidbits about holiday eating…at the party I attended there was a great choice of fresh veggies and some berries. There was also pizza and sugar cookies…I ate a little snack containing protein and raw fat about an hour before I went to the party. I continued to drink water while at the party and enjoyed several fresh veggies, and some red wine. I was able to pass on all the other items because I had already had some healthy foods that were satisfying to me in advance.
I also took the time to make an ornament as a gift back to the hostess and as a way to tap into my creativity.
So, in this holiday season, I celebrate the ornament that is you!
Great joy to you! May the holiday spirit radiate to your heart. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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