Beach Foodie: Resistance Training

IMG_20131208_103432_064~2 Magical Monday to you! In the photo this week, I am sharing a magical event which brings great joy, this is a child’s birthday party on the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. No children yet, but all set up waiting for the joy and magic to happen.
And that brings me to this week’s topic, resistance training. Sometimes in life events happen which we do not anticipate, and which change our life significantly, and sometimes for what might be perceived as “worse”. When this happens, I invite you to consider with me to apply resistance training, that is; do not resist what IS, and allow yourself to express your true feelings about an event which makes you sad, feeling grief, feeling bewilderment… And in the midst of not resisting the event, if you allow yourself to feel, you are allowing energy to move through your body so the event will not get “stuck” in your energetic field. Even the worst pain, once acknowledged and expressed, can be allowed to leave, opeining up the energy for joy to come into your life.
And so, this photo is a reminder to me of the joy of life, and the “party” of life. And each experience is also an opportunity for a
“birth” day, a day to begin something new.
So, this week, I took my first “yoga barre” class and it was so fun. I invite you this week in this joyous month of celebration to bring some new “magic” moments into your life..
And to take some time to reflect on all you’ve done this year to keep your life force energy high and to have radiant health and joyful living.

Great joy to you, big ray of sunshine to your heart! Love, love, love, Cfayla


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