Beach Foodie: Unity

IMG_20131201_074020_737 Magical Monday to you! In this week’s photo, I am featuring shoes, the various shoes coming together in this space to celebrate the holidays. All colors, shapes, sizes, each with it’s own unique energy. And, somehow each one of them adds their own uniqueness to the celebration.
This week I invite you to celebrate the energy of unity; coming together to celebrate this season and to celebrate with each other.
Some nice tea always adds to the festiveness of a gathering too.
IMG_20131201_094016_134 And to add to your enjoyment, I invite you to take a walk in nature with your family and friends when you come together. You might even come upon a magical beach garden like the one in the photo.
I feel life can bring us many adventures and magical moments outside of what we might expect or anticipate if we keep our eyes and hearts open to the newness of life we receive every day.
Great joy to you and Happy New Moon tomorrow. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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