Beach Wombie: Magical Garden

IMG_20131127_111728_477 Wonderful Wednesday to you from the womb. In the photo this week, mommy wants to share something so cool; a garden right on your front porch. It’s one of those magical miscellaneous events in life that bring that big life force energy right to you! Gardens ARE life, they nurture us, they are beautiful, and it’s really meditative to care for plants. So cool! We get all that energy coming to us every time we come through the front door.
So, this week I invite you to consider spending some time with plants and trees. They can bring you great energy and joy if you are open to it! You can lean up against a tree and the energy of the tree will help you feel connected to the earth and it’s nurturing qualities.
And, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m celebrating from inside the womb, and getting my gratitude going today so it’s really strong tomorrow.
So, enjoy your fabulous food tomorrow and the enjoyment of the love energy of family and friends. And, will you join me in saying a few extra thank you’s tomorrow.
Bringing the energy of the sun over the Pacific Ocean into your heart!
Turn your love on! Baby J


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