Beach Foodie: New Beginnings

IMG_20131124_162753_437 Magical Monday to you! In the photo this week, I capture a picture of magical 3rd street in Santa Monica; one of my experiences in my “new beginning”.
I am grateful for this new beginning and new energy and surroundings in my life. This week I invite you to embrace the energy of new beginnings in your own life. Can you keep your heart open to new experiences? I am finding it helpful to focus on the four pillars of high life force energy as I go through this massive change. Meditation, movement, meals, and the magical miscellaneous.
So, how do we fit these into our life when we are being challenged on every level?
Just a little bit at a time, it’s a process. So, when you feel stressed, imagine breathing sunshine into your heart, pause take 3 deep breaths, bring the sunshine in, then release it through your body into earth.
Keep saying thank you for the small things going the right direction in your life. Gratitude for what we have is our greatest gift and brings positive energy to us. This in turn allows us to send positive energy into the world, thereby attracting more positive moments into our life.
Move some way, jogging, walking, yoga, whatever you love…
Hydrate and eat well…and enjoy what you are eating. Eating should be blissful.
I take the time to eat well and actually taste my food, the texture, the smell, the gift of the experience.
And of course, the magic! There is magic in every step of our journey if we keep looking for it.
Great joy to you! May at least one magical new beginning come to you this week of Thanksgiving. Love, love, love! Cfayla


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