Beach Wombie: Tea time

IMG_20131113_122304_740 Wonderful Wednesday to you from fabulous southern California. Hey, this week I invite you to try some “pregnancy” tea, it is really good for the womb- “my crib”:) and help prepare mommy’s body for my big arrival day!
I think it must taste pretty good, kinda herby, but ok. It’s a cool thing to try for “tea time”, great for right after mommy and I have a short nap.
So, how is the Grateful days going? I pretty much am thankful that I get to be born. Mommy is saying short “thank you’s” throughout her day. It helps us stay happy and focused on the good stuff in life and bringing all that great energy inside, then sharing it with the world on the outside.
So, I have to go now….we are living on a sailboat right now and looking for a place to live this afternoon.
So, this week, try some great relaxing tea’s, throw in a couple of thank you’s too:)

Turn your love on! baby j


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