Beach Foodie: Beauty of the west

IMG_20131117_163814_485 Magical Monday to you! This week’s photo is the Venice pier in California. Yes, I have finally arrived! The sunset was magnificient!
This week I invite you to join me in being grateful for the beauty in your life and the wonderful energy it brings you. I feel fabulous when I view a gorgeous sunset or a work of art, many of the beautiful things in our environment.
This sunset was especially thrilling because it was over the Pacific ocean. Bodies of water each have their own beauty and the Pacific ocean near Venice beach and Santa Monica is truly inspiring.
And, everyone is moving, running, biking, surfing…moving their energy to bring the best life possible.
This morning I did a 12 mile run/walk, very invigorating to the soul…
And, hydration is key in a new climate. It is much less humid here so I’ve been drinking lots of water and fresh juices. I’ve also paid close attention to getting enough protein, primarily plant based.
So this week I invite you to continue your days of gratitude with a focus on the beauty in your life and creating beauty in your life. It can bring you great joy and positive energy!
Great joy to you! Love, love, love, may the perfect weather of a sunny Pacific ocean day find you this week! Cfayla


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