Beach Wombie: Let’s create!

IMG_20131023_104331_409 Wonderful Wednesday from the Womb! Today is pure magic from inside here! My photo today is a really cool sand sculpture my mommy and I saw on the beach. And even more awesome, a family created this from little grains of sand…
Just like me:) I’m being created in my womb from the little-est grains of life into a real live baby! So cool:) I’m getting bigger now and I wanted to invite you to get creative in your life. You can take a little grain or seed of creativity and make your life a little happier and joyous. A little creativity can make you smile so big and before you know it you are happier and you have more love energy.
Then, you bring more love energy to yourself and you really get your love twirling and swirling.
So, this week, I invite you to join me in being creative. I’ll grow just a little bit bigger and create my self in my magical womb-crib, and you can create a fun, magical event, craft, celebration or whatever makes you happy.
Also, I am grateful this week to be getting a little bit closer to coming to planet earth. Can you join me in being grateful this week?
Turn your love on! baby J


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