Beach Foodie: Renewal

IMG_20131030_184343_023 Magical Monday to you! This week I invite you to join me in the feeling of gratitude for renewal. In the photo this week, I have captured the renewal of a beautiful sunrise and the renewal of each morning as a “new start”.
For me, the hours of the morning are the daily renewal we receive, the chance to make each day one of happiness and love. I feel grateful for the quiet of the morning and the chance to “reinvent” the current version of myself.:)
Morning is such a great time to move and meditate; even a short amount of meditation and movement can set the tone for a happy day. I also find adequate hydration in the early hours of the day helps me maintain fabulous energy throughout the day. An hour of “renewal” and “rejuvenation” can be so beneficial in allowing positive energy to flow the rest of the day.
Another time of daily “renewal” for me is the “happy hour” time of the day just before sunset. Moving, taking a yoga class, martial arts, walking the dog, being in nature with your family and friends are some of the ways to “renew” yourself for enjoyment of your evening hours.
So, this week, I invite you to join me in “renewal” time for magnificient self and to express your gratitude for this time and the beautiful opportunity of life on planet earth.
Great joy to you and everlasting gratitude! Love,love, love! Cfayla


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