Beach Wombie: Yummy in the tummy!

IMG_20131104_174452_010 Wonderful Wednesday to you from the womb. Hi, it’s baby J. In the photo this week, I want to share something cool, cocoanut sugar. It’s yummy to the tummy and to me! My mommy mixes this with raw cashew butter for a fun nutritious treat. Cocoanut sugar is low in sugar and calories and it tastes so great. Just a little bit with a raw nut butter is so good.
And, raw cashew butter is high in protein and has iron, good for me to grow strong! It was a new discovery this week.
So, I am adjusting to the cooler temperatures in Dallas. I can feel a little chill even in the womb. Mommy is dressing a little warmer to keep me nice and warm in my “crib”.
So, this week I invite you to try some thai cocoanut sugar. It will last you for a long time too!
And, I am doing mommy’s 25 days of gratitude with her. So, I am grateful to be coming to earth, and grateful for good nutrition from mommy!
So, here is my new song to you: Turn your love on, say thanks, rock on, be cool!
Love, Baby J


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