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Beach foodie: road trip

IMG_20131104_131152_016Magical Monday!  And, today begins 25 days of gratitude:) I feel grateful today for second chances. Earlier today, I tried writing and publishing my blog from my smart phone. The blog was completed with the photo you see, I published it, and….only one sentence. So, I feel very grateful for the opportunity to republish the blog and try again.! My photo today is from White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX. Yes, I am on a road trip traveling to LA and am visiting Dallas. The beautiful peaceful serenity of the large tree right at the edge of the lake gives me pleasure and I am grateful for the inspiration and beauty of nature.
My tidbit today is to invite you to say “thank you” 100 times a day. I feel there is a great freedom in gratitude, it brings a magical flow of positive energy to me every time. If I add a smile in the recipes, it’s even better. Being grateful keeps me centered in my heart and builds an attitude of happiness and positive energy.
I also make a gratitude list; so powerful for manifestation of my greatest dreams. Today, I will share a few items on my list…I am grateful for good food, nature, meditation, and movement, the four pillars of my “beach ball” model for high life force living. I am grateful for all the magical miscellaneous experiences I am blessed to receive. As I write down my grateful list, I envision even more experiences to come.
So, this week I hope you are able to say “thank you” often and to write your gratitude list….
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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