Beach Wombie: Soft Skin

IMG_20131016_134841_902 Wonderful Wednesday to you! My photo today is one of the most yummy products for my mommy’s skin. Yes, it’s cocoanut oil and it is one of the magical secrets of soft, healthy, beautiful, skin. I love it from my “crib” for now, the “womb” because it’s good for me too. It’s all natural, and it’s getting a “food” plus great for the skin.
Cocoanut oil is also yummy as an ingredient for salad dressings, “natural”candies, and dips. It’s a “raw fat” so it’s good for everybody’s organs, mommy’s and my developing organs.
I’m starting to get hungrier now and get a little bigger. I feel good inside the womb. I am meditating with mommy every day and I love it. Her meditation time is so peaceful and so peaceful to me inside my “ocean”.
My tidbit for this week is to invite you to rub some cocoanut oil on your skin, let it soak in, or put it on right before a bath or shower. It will give you great soft skin with a fabulous glow.
Happy Halloween and New Moon on Sunday!
Turn your love on! Baby J


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