Beach foodie: fantasy

IMG_20131026_103217_345 Magical Monday to you! In the photo this week, I am featuring a beautiful sand pumpkin face from Siesta Key Beach. What a smile! My tidbit this week is to offer and share this big pumpkin smile with you! Halloween can be a magical, fantasy time for having fun, experimenting with costumes, and seeing what it’s like being someone else…It can spark our imagination, allow us to celebrate our creativity and have lots of fun with our family and friends.
I feel such enjoyment carving and looking at pumpkins of all types; it’s kind of like people and our emotions…there are scary ones, friendly ones, beautiful ones, plain ones, but each creating a tapesty of experiences in our lives. Sometimes the odd pumpkin is actually a treasure in disguise and can bring immense pleasure into our lives if we allow it. Other pumpkins may look good at first, and have little substance….
The fantasy of Halloween and pumpkins is allow yourself to “try on” something new, just for the fun of it!
And, it’s a great time to keep up your nutrition, stay well hydrated, and connect with nature. There is a beauty to the fall season which beckons me outdoor to connect with the changes in nature.
So, this week I invite you to enjoy your pumpkin, the fantasy of Halloween, and connecting to nature.
Great joy to all of you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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