Beach Wombie: Life Music

IMG_20131023_074803_527 Wonderful Wednesday from the womb! Hi, guess what? This week the photo is a singing bowl with a big shining light in the middle of it. I wake up to the sound of the singing bowl each morning when mommy rings it to start the day. It’s part of the magic that makes me grow:) I like the ringing and the echo sound.
My babybit this week is to invite you to embrace the magic of sound, of singing, and the music of life. I also like ocean waves, jazz, mantras, classical, and dance club tunes.
Words can be magic too. The tone of words make a big difference. The kind, cool, voices on the outside are soothing to me. Sometimes harsh sounds can startle me too.
Music is cool because it is a form of love energy we can all share to lift up our moods, get us into our best vibe. Or sometimes, help us get out of our “sad” vibe. I feel it all in here, the good, the sad, the happy, and music just helps me get into our feelings, or vibe.
So, this week if you want to feel more alive, join me in embracing “life” music.

Turn your love on! Baby J


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