Beach Foodie: Magic

IMG_20131018_190659_740IMG_20131018_194750_895 Magical Monday to you! My photos this week are from the full moon lunar eclipse as viewed just before sundown and during the peak of the eclipse from the Atlantic ocean. What a magnificient sight and such fabulous energy pouring into the planet.
My tidbit this week is to invite you to contemplate on the feeling that energy is food. Energy from a solar eclipse and full moon can help us to bring about those things we dream about into our physical reality in magical, mystical ways. To me, this full moon on the water, felt like shimmering “night time” prana, feeding my soul and lifting me onto the flow of energy that will bring about my dreams.
It is time to expect miracles in your life and nature helps us with natural forms of energy.
Another favorite “nature” food of mine is the wind off the water..and the waves lapping against the shore. What wonderful restorative and nourishing experiences these are, and widely available to us when we seek them out.
So, this week, I invite you to explore all forms of positive energy as part of your food source, the “sunshine” and nourishment for your cells.
May the shimmering light of the moon spark you up like a million tiny diamonds.
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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