Beach Wombie: View

IMG_20131009_113538_111 Wonderful Wednesday from the Womb! Hi everyone, how are you? My photo today is the view of the Atlantic ocean that my mommy sees when I write my blog. So, relaxing and inspiring:) When she is relaxed and inspired, so am I. It’s pretty awesome. I can already tell I’m going to like looking at the water when I’m born.
So, I have my own tidbit this week. I want to talk about how much I like baths; warm, soothing water. The sound of the water, feel, and warmth make me feel like dancing and help me to grow better. So, I invite all of you to take a nice warm bath, or jump in the ocean and soak in the salt water; that’s pretty awesome also. If you live near a lake or stream, you could swim there.
So, let’s take advantage of water, water, everywhere and let it help us get in our relaxed mood so we have the energy for our growth spurts if we are in the womb, or for your “growth” spurts on earth, when you crank up your energy!
So, turn your love on! Baby J


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