Beach Foodie: Meditation

IMG_20130930_131650_592 Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I capture one of my favorite meditative places; any water, anywhere:) My tidbit this week is to invite you to consider meditation in your life and all types and kinds of meditation. I often practice “meditation on the fly”; meaning I meditate in the car while driving(deep breaths to my hearts center, saying thanks), meditating while I’m running, while I’m waiting in line somewhere…
In fact, I have trained myself to meditate throughout my day in 30 second to 1 minute meditations; taking a micro-mini break, connecting with gratitute, with my life source energy, while I’m doing yoga, running, etc. It gives my life much more of a magical, hopeful, energetic quality.
I think one of the best meditative practices is smiling. When I smile, it relaxes me and most of the world smiles back. This helps me to maintain an upward spiraling energy flow most of the day.
Sometimes, we can feel the need for expressions of grief or to lament. Allowing ourselves the meditative space to express these feelings is so important. Even five minutes of “touching” our grief can help us release it over time and bring us back to true joy so much quicker.
Music, especially classiscal music is very meditative to me and has a mystical, calming quality. And sometimes, dancing…cutting loose can be meditative in allowing myself to let go, loose control, in the expression of the dance.
I hope you explore some different types of meditation this week and take a few moments on the full moon on Oct 18th to restore yourself.
Great love! I feel so grateful for all of you! Joy, joy, joy! Cfayla


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