Beach Wombie- Ocean Magic

IMG_20131009_113329_901IMG_20131009_113429_571IMG_20131009_113538_111 Wonderful Wednesday from the womb! Hey, guess what? I love living on the ocean, it’s magic! Today, I had a nice long paddle on the ocean, then had some yummy sardines to give me B12 to grow so I can start swimming inside my mommy’s tummy! The little key holder is also a favorite…I love the rocking motion of the waves and water and we saw a HUGE ocean creature this morning, about 8 ft. Wow! Ok, so I didn’t see it but I felt mommy’s heart race when it swam under her paddleboard. I am so happy to be coming to earth. It’s magic everyday! And, I get to talk to all of you before I’m even born:) So, my baby tidbit is; Enjoy your magic, every day, whatever it is!
Turn your love on! Baby J


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