Beach Foodie: Unlock the magic

IMG_20131007_132937_291 Magical Monday to you! In my photo, I have keys. Yes, keys unlock things:) This week my tidbit is to invite you to feel the possibilities of keys. How can we unlock magic in our lives? What is the key?
To me, the key is gratitude. And, in this new moon cycle, it’s a great time to put gratitude into practice or step it up a little bit. Want the magic and the mojo to just roll into your life and flow out of you? Being grateful for what is in this very moment will release you to embrace the magic. Yes, the magic on the other side of your trials, your pain, your agony. Perhaps being grateful for our challenges and agony is the hardest key of all to open…yet, if we can use the key of our heart to allow a little sunshine in, we can transform even the most painful situation.
A key can unlock all sorts of magical surprises if we just allow ourselves to be open to the new love, new possibilities. Gratitude is always a bridge to hope, to newness.
So, what am I grateful for? The ocean, warm weather, the magic of a baby growing inside me, blissful food, good health, being able to write and blog..
Hot yoga, raw almond butter….
What is your gratitude list?
Love, love, love! may the magic in your heart overflow to your entire life! Joy!



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